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Project Description


Whether you are looking to launch your new clothing product, or accessory – we can set up, and capture beautiful imagery, to help you promote your brand. As well as the photography aspects, we are well connected with a number of modelling agencies – and offer on-set art direction.

Product shots

Anything from sportswear, to automotive – we can set up indoor or outdoors photo shoots, sourcing locations, along with placing art department and product presentation specialists to the team. We also offer green screen shoots – offering flexibility in post production of the final imagery, or if you’d prefer we can create 3D visualization of the product in the animation sphere.

Business & Architecture

You may be starting a new business,  or developing a sales, marketing campaign, promotion or PR – whatever you are undertaking we can help present your business or product in a favorable way – and we can capture both interior and exterior elements.

Let us help your brand take off!

Pictures that tell a story

We can offer you location and studio photography, internationally. As well as having a keen eye for the shot, we spend time in post production – stylising the pictures to convey the feel and concept that you are looking for.

Fashion and lifestyle

We are experienced in creating product shots, we work with local studios, and models when required. Also we work with industrial building photography – offering drone photography for when you are looking for a high vantage point.

Products & Architecture