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We welcome all new enquiries, either an urgent project, or one planned for the future

Smokey Dragon Media

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We work on outsourced media from the UK, Germany, and USA. We welcome your enquiry!

Smokey Dragon Media

We promise to lower your media costs and maintain very high standards!


We are very happy to collaborate on projects, working with you or for you.

Smokey Dragon Media

We look forward to collaborating with you. Please Contact us below!

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Smokey Dragon Media has a London office, with the bulk of  work undertaken in our Krakow studio, where lower premises and staff costs – result in a considerable saving for our clients.

Our central Krakow office, houses a modern studio, and overlooks the city’s castle, and a fire breathing statue in honour of Krakow’s legendary Smokey Dragon.

Whether you want to save costs, or use your allocated budget to add more production time and value for your media requirements, we will be happy to discuss you needs.

London Office: 77 East Road, London, N16 AH, UK

Phone: +44 330 808 4295

Email: andrew@smokeydragon.eu

Krakow Office: Suite 4, 20 Podzamcze, 31-003, Krakow, Poland

Phone: +48 533 580 663

Email: edyta@smokeydragon.co.uk

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