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Our team draw from many backgrounds: Creatives, designers, project managers, technicians, troubleshooters, organisers, and support staff. Our media solutions are developed and implemented in discussion with all department staff, to ensure that the production will be a success at every stage of the project process.

Your One Stop Shop. Digital Media Agency.

Our agency offer: creative consultancy, video production, photo shoots, web design, graphic design, copywriting, and events management.

Meet Our Team


In a competitive market, creative approaches will ensure you stand out. We are here to help you develop and implement your media campaign.

Creativity Matters

Creativity is useless without a clear understanding of the purpose of the media, and who the target audience are. We start each project with a clear aim.

Beautiful Images

Images tell a story, share a feeling and reveal information to your viewer. We are astute at looking at all the small details that go into making a great image.

Images Tell A Story

Rest assured we will incorporate beautiful imagery into your project so it stands out to the world.


Media is viewed to a large extent online, and through mobile Apps. Whichever the form of media distribution, we are experienced in delivering on any format or media platform.

Looks Amazing

Your Content matters most, it needs to be modern, creative, and clear. We ensure that form follows function, and incorporate style and substance.

We enjoy our work
And we love our clients
We work around the clock Projects arrive on time and on budget
Concept to completion
We keep you in the loop

Meet The Smokey Dragon Team

Andrew Carolan
Andrew CarolanCreative Director
Creating and developing the initial concepts, Andrew has a natural flair for design and copy-writing. You will find him advising the team, shaping the project, and working hands on in the design and implementation of the media production. In his spare time Andrew likes to travel, snowboard, kite surf, and play the guitar.
Brain 93%
Brawn 86%
Edyta Rutyna
Edyta RutynaProduction Manager
Your first point of contact for any enquiry, query, or development in your media project. Edyta is super organised, friendly, and responsive, she thrives on keeping an open line of communication between our clients and the creative team. In her spare time Edyta likes to read inspirational books, cycle, and salsa dance.
Organisation 96%
Talking 85%
Andrzej Berg
Andrzej BergProject Manager
Utilising the right talent for each and every project, Andrzej words on keeping the quality of work and the productivity to a high level. His main aims are, to exceed each client’s expectation, and ensuring that each production is completed on time and on budget. In his spare time Andrzej likes to do photography, archery, and walk his dog called donut.
Patience 89%
Smile 95%

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

A good concept isn’t enough, intuition is an intangible but important quality to possess. Media needs to be on brand, communicated through the correct medium, and transmitted to the right audience.

We Are Creative

Creating concepts for print campaigns, web micro sites, video production, and marketing exercises – we pride ourself in our own ideas, and in developing and implementing those of our clients

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We Have Intuition

Some clients ask us to repackage an existing idea or to recreate a current media fad for them, while it sometimes works, we will always discuss other options, if it seems that the request doesn’t seem to fit the ultimate aim and requirement.

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We Are Determined

Our team members having been in the business for many decades, we know that creativity is not enough. Only by determination and hard work can each production be realised and be completed successfully, sometimes this involves working throughout the night aided by lots of cups of coffee.

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We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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